About Us

The King George Community Foundation was named in honour of a great state leader, who was a son of Leo I (Lev I) and a grandson of King Daniel (Danylo). The First Galicia King, George (Yuriy) was at the same time Great Duke of Kyivsky, Volodymyr-Volynsky, Halytsky, Lutsky, and Dorohochynsky dukedom.

It was mentioned in the chronicles that "… He was smart, gentle and generous to clergy, under his power Galicia enjoyed peace and was well known for its wealth". King George maintained good relationships with neighbors, preserved peace and established Galician Metropole.

Naming the Community Foundation after King George is aimed at returning to a time of peace, tolerance, dignity, mutual aid and prosperity of the city community. All of these characterized the historical period of the reign of King George I.

The Foundation was established to provide charity activities and to assist in the process of Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislaviv) community development, local initiatives facilitation and supporting companies and entrepreneurs.