With the respect to the renowned history and nice traditions of our city, coming out of a necessity of consolidation and development of the community, supporting creative potential of every individual, we initiate a program of scholarships and small grants.

King George Community Foundation supports projects of residents, civic organizations and initiative groups, which will suggest implementation of ideas for: rebirth and establishment of good city traditions, support of healthy development of children and youth of the city, decoration of the city with new trees and flowers, renovation and placing new monuments and signs, improvement of city buildings, introduction of city celebrations and festivals, development of art.

A project, which consists of a description of problems, plan of actions, which are planned to conduct to solve it, budget and estimation of expected results after realization of the project can serve as a base to receive a small grant.

Applications for small grants can be brought directly or sent by the post without time restrictions to the address: Chornovil St. 23, 76000, Ivano-Frankivsk, е

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