Board of Donors

of joining the efforts and identification of common areas of activities that are aimed at providing charitable assistance in the process of Ivano-Frankivsk community development, local initiatives facilitation, as well as supporting companies and entrepreneurs.

We, who have signed below, certify that improvements are necessary and desired to the city's social programs and projects as well as to sponsorship support and charitable activities.

The main problems in these areas are:
- Numerous and conflicting policies concerning the initiatives of local citizens and associations in local community development.
-Uncoordinated charitable and sponsored aid for those of lower income groups.
-No participating of specialists and local community in the distribution of charitable aid.

Taking into account the sponsorship of the traditions in Galicia and all of the above, we propose:
- to establish the King George Community Foundation.
- to promote effective mechanisms of Ivano-Frankivsk community development and to support local citizens in solving difficult and burning problems by the King George Community Foundation Board of Experts.
- to give any interested organization or establishment the right to join the Sponsor Board (these parties may join by agreeing to and signing this memorandum and by following its requirements.